I have been thinking of the difference in the view of what it is to be human between myself and many Christian conservatives.  The abortion debate (from their perspective) seems to hinge on their conviction that they know what defines a human being.  I, on the other hand, being of a more existentialist bent, believe that there is no Platonic “human” except what is constrained by biology.  However, there is so much about a person that is not easily–or at all-explained biologically, that I start from a pretty unconstrained view of what is possible.

On a related tangent, the connection between the free market and Christian conservatives may stem from the fact that Christians see that in society in general, the acceptance of a “Christian person” is rapidly decreasing.  In light of this fact, I think that many believe unexplained “invisible hand” of the market embodies an average of humanity, which given that we are all made in God’s image, has to ultimately lead to the type of society that God wants.  I see this acceptance of the free market as punt on their part–it is too hard a problem to actually work out the best way t o run society when  so many individuals refuse to accept the Christians’ dictates as to how that should work.


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